There are 5 main thermal spray techniques for applying the coatings. Griekspoor has the in-house expertise to apply every one of these techniques.

HVOF Spraying

The coatings sprayed with HVOF are characterized by a low porosity and a high bonding strength.

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Plasma Spraying

Plasma spraying is particularly suitable for materials with a high melting point such as ceramic materials.

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Flame Wire Spraying

The extrudable materials for this process are metals and alloys that can be drawn into a wire shape, and have a melting point that is far below the temperature of the heat source used.

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Flame Powder Spraying

In this process the spray material is fed in powder form through the gun using a transport gas injecting it centrally into a burning gas/oxygen mixture, where it is melted and delivered onto the substrate.

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Arc Wire Spraying

The major benefits of electric wire spraying are its large spraying capacity and excellent adhesion.

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