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Wear problems baler solved

Wear problems baler solved

The challenge

This hydraulic cyilinder rod with a diameter of 700mm and a length of 1,700mm is used in a large baler in a 24/7 production process. Finding ways to minimise down time is key in this industry.  

Reliability and wear resistance of their previous coating were insufficient. Because of our TOPCOAT WCR+, maintenance and thus downtime is reduced leading to higher production and profit.

Mario van Helmond, CEO Griekspoor Thermal Coatings

TOPCOAT® WCR+ has increased the wear resistance in normal production circumstances. Even in case of a production error there are no damages to the coating. The unique qualities of TOPCOAT WCR+ contribute a lot to the complete production chain.

A programme has been instigated to recoat the entire series of baler cylinders that are in use from Russia to Japan with TOPCOAT® WCR+.

Length: 1,700mm
Diameter: 700mm
Weight: 5,140kg

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