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The ultimate level of reliability for the world’s leading crane manufacturer

The ultimate level of reliability for the world’s leading crane manufacturer

The challenge

A non-distorting coating process for thin-walled tubing.
Changing the internal fit leads to rejection of the entire product, resulting in high costs.

Protecting cylinder rods against internal pressures above 100 bar.
A coating durable enough for constant mechanical stress.

Increased reliability under extreme conditions.
The cylinders are deployed on the coast with the desert in the “backyard”. This exposes the rods to condensation, salt, dust, sand and heat.

“The client had tried several coating solutions, but none lasted more than 6 weeks. We jumped on board and in our partnership we recognized TOPCOAT 107+ was the affordable all-in-one solution. We are proud to say TOPCOAT 107+ has become the standardized coating for the manufacturer.”

Mario van Helmond, CEO Griekspoor Thermal Coatings


HP-HVOF sprayed TOPCOAT 107+. TOPCOAT 107+ has outstanding wear and corrosion and impact resistance. This means TOPCOAT 107+ the perfect protection for extreme desert and maritime conditions. In contrast to chrome, the extreme toughness of TOPCOAT 107+ is so high, that even at bending stresses of more than 600N/mm2 no cracks are formed.

Additionally, during the spraying process, workpiece temperature remains below 150°C, resulting in no deformations due to internal material stresses or the introduction of new stresses, as often happens with welded coatings. The Internal fit, therefore remains accurate.


After more than a year of “worst-case” field testing the TOPCOAT 107+ coating was still like new. While side by side results for previous coatings from other parties had a life of less than 6 weeks or suffered unacceptable deformation. Ultimately, the customer chose our TOPCOAT 107+ coating as the standard for their entire range of thin-walled cylinder rods.

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