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Setting a New Standard in High-End Racing Suspension

Setting a New Standard in High-End Racing Suspension

The challenge

In the fast-paced world of professional racing, every detail counts. With years of involvement in motorsports, Griekspoor Thermal Coatings has forged close collaborations with several racing teams, including our own motocross team. These partnerships have provided us with invaluable insights. To distill it down, we highlight two primary challenges in high-level suspension performance:

Changing Coating Properties
As the suspension is used over time, the roughness of the coating changes, causing unpredictable behavior and potentially compromising performance.

Slip-Stick Effect
This phenomenon occurs when the suspension experiences a 'sticking' or resistance to movement, which can adversely affect the bike's response, especially when quick movement is required.

Better feedback from the bike through better movement, especially at high-speed, less slip-stick and ultimately less arm-pump.

Feedback on using TOPCOAT 107+ in MXGP


Recognizing these challenges, Griekspoor Thermal Coatings developed a groundbreaking solution: Griekspoor TOPCOAT 107+. This proprietary coating, which was originally developed for the offshore industry, boasts a super alloy intermediate coating coupled with a specialized blended carbide top layer, meticulously applied using HP-HVOF, which excels in scenarios demanding extreme hardness and wear resistance.

Benefits of Griekspoor TOPCOAT 107+

  • Hard yet Flexible: A remarkably hard coating (950-1400Hv) that remains highly flexible and strong (>600N/mm2).
  • Wear Resistant: The coating maintains its roughness throughout the racing season, ensuring no change in damping characteristics and consistent performance race after race.
  • Tunable Roughness: The coating's roughness can be adjusted to perfectly align with sealing properties, optimizing the lifespan of seals, scrapers, and guiding bushes.
  • Guaranteed Thickness: This ensures maximum strength of tube material with minimized weight.
  • Minimized Friction: By eliminating the slip-stick effect, riders experience better control, especially at high speeds, and reduced physical strain.

The unparalleled results of TOPCOAT 107+ can be attributed to:

  • A coating tailored to meet racing specifications.
  • Griekspoor's unique in-house coating and grinding methods.
  • A team of experienced professionals.
  • Comprehensive in-house testing facilities.

At Griekspoor Thermal Coatings, we believe in collaboration. Drawing from our extensive expertise and innovative techniques, we are committed to working alongside our partners. Together, we aim to achieve maximum suspension performance.

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