TOPCOAT CCR is especially developed as a better alternative to electrolytically applied (nickel-)chromium.

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It is a single layer chromium carbide. A major advantage is that no 6-valent chromium is formed during production. There are plans to ban on 6-valent chromium from EU based production processes, however the definite date this ban will commence has been postponed several times.

CCR is tribologically equivalent to a (nickel-)chromium coating and can be used as a 1 on 1 replacement when replacing a galvanic (nickel-)chromium coating. The typical thickness of a chromium carbide coating is between 100µm and 200µm so CCR is ideal as a hard chrome replacement when repairing chrome plated rods. The surface roughness, sliding properties, etc. are the same as (nickel-)chromium. If CCR is chosen in favour of electrolytic (nickel-)chromium, then the sealing assembly in the cylinder head does not need modification.

Corrosion properties are better than electrolytic (nickel-)chromium, especially in sodium chloride, acidic and alkaline environments. These coatings are also highly resistant to oxidation (high temperatures). It is important that hydrochloric acid (HCl) is avoided.

Wear resistance and hardness are extremely good. This means that during the lifetime of a coated product there is minimal wear on all surfaces. The tribological characteristics and lubrication, among other things, remain consistently high throughout the lifetime of the product.

For extra corrosion protection Griekspoor can apply a nickel based superalloy intermediate coating under the CCR coating. For this coating please refer to TOPCOAT CCR+.

When more wear resistance is required or the rod is used in a Hydrochloric acid (HCl) environment TOPCOAT WCR might be better suited. WCR is harder and more resistant to chemicals than TOPCOAT CCR.

Typical applications for TOPCOAT CCR are

  1. Hydraulic parts, for instance piston rods
  2. Plungers
  3. Components for the automotive industry
  4. Wear resistant seal surfaces
  5. Wear resistant sliding bearings

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