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Excellent corrosion resistance sluice Dutch Delta Works

Excellent corrosion resistance sluice Dutch Delta Works

The challenge

Rijkswaterstaat (The Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management) completed the renovation of the Bathse Spuisluis. Griekspoor Thermal Coatings was commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat to coat all piston rods that belong in these cylinders.

The Bathse Spuisluis is part of the Dutch Delta Works. The Bathse Spuisluis consists of six concrete tubes, closed with six wooden slides. The rods are now free of chromium (VI), minimizing health risks for people and planet while exceeding the industry standards for protection.

Mario van Helmond, CEO Griekspoor Thermal Coatings


These slides were replaced one by one in the past year. The cylinders, which ensure that the slides can move up and down, have also been restored. Griekspoor Thermal Coatings used their long-time experience to make sure the piston rods have an excellent corrosion resistance. The clever composition and the careful coating process make sure that the rods are free of chromium (VI), i.e. hexavalent chrome, minimizing health risks for people and planet.

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