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How to repair the propeller shaft of a ship

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How to repair the propeller shaft of a ship

This 5,5 meter propeller shaft is 1 of 2 coming from an already docked ship. Both shafts suffer from wear because of seals running in. Of course wear at this location can ultimately cause leakages. Griekspoor has repaired these shafts, incl. pre-machining of the damaged area, within 2 to 3 days.

The coating that is chosen is TOPCOAT107 because of its high wear resistance in combination with toughness and excellent corrosion resistance. The surface characteristics is about similar to new grinded base material which means lubrication of seals is optimised to avoid future wear problems.


Griekspoor Thermal Coatings has recently developed TOPCOAT® 107: a nickel based super alloy blended with carbides. TOPCOAT 107 is developed as an improved and very economical hard chrome and nickel/chromium replacement.

TOPCOAT 107 combines the hardness of the carbides with the flexibility, tenaciousness, and toughness of the super alloy. This combination results in excellent corrosion resistance together with outstanding wear resistance against fretting, abrasion, and cavitation.

Typical applications:

  1. Hard chrome or nickel/chromium replacement for hydraulic piston rods. Especially long thin rods with a lot of flex can be coated reliably with no risk of cracking during use;
  2. Mandrels;
  3. Very accurate rollers in the film and paper industry;
  4. Coating and/or repair of bearing and sliding surfaces.


See photos of some different repair steps

  1. The propeller shaft is pre-machined.
  2. The propeller shaft is sand blasted for cleaning and roughening to optimize the bonding strength of the coating.
  3. The propeller shaft is sand blasted.
  4. The 107+ coating is applied and grinded the right diameter and tuned to the optimum roughness. Shaft ready for assembly.
  5. The 107+ coating is applied.

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Corrosion resistance and wear resistance go hand in hand with TOPCOAT 107

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