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Durable coatings free of hexavalent chrome? They are already here!

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Durable coatings free of hexavalent chrome? They are already here!

The search for replacement of products with hexavalent chrome, chromium(VI), is an important current issue in today’s market. Griekspoor Thermal Coatings already developed the alternative in 2017: TOPCOAT 107. Not only is this coating free of hexavalent chrome, it is also a technically and economically appealing alternative.

Even though a ban on the emission of hexavalent chrome has been postponed several times, the EU rules regarding the use of hexavalent chrome are becoming more strict as is their enforcement. There is also still a big chance of a total ban on electric (galvanic) chrome plating in certain market segments. We receive more and more requests for an alternative coating that provides at least equal corrosion resistance and wear resistance but at a similar price as chrome plating.

Safe for the environment

Our answer to this is TOPCOAT 107. Its specific compound of alloying elements assures that this coating’s material is free of hexavalent chrome. Also, the relatively low fabrication temperatures mean that hexavalent chrome is not formed during processing. Together this leads to TOPCOAT 107 being a feasible alternative, free of hexavalent chrome, to nickel chrome plating and other coatings that may cause release of hexavalent chrome. People and the environment are not exposed to hexavalent chrome when using TOPCOAT 107, not in the short term nor in the long term.

Superb durability

With an intelligent chemical composition we achieved a very high corrosion resistance and wear resistance in the development of TOPCOAT 107, much higher than that of (nickel) chrome plating. The composition is based on an alloy with nickel and carbides. Because of this combination TOPCOAT 107 is very hard but still highly flexible, with the correct surface roughness and toughness. The final product is a superbly durable coating with extremely high corrosion resistance and wear resistance when exposed to erosion, friction and cavitation.

Tried and tested

The corrosion resistance of TOPCOAT 107 is constantly tested in our laboratory using standardised corrosion tests: (acidic) salt spray testing, electrochemical porosity testing, and the plotting of polarisation curves. During testing we also take into account other important factors such as wear resistance, hardness, and dynamic bending strength. With a hardness of 950-1400HV and a dynamic bending resistance of 600N/mm2 we can let the results speak for themselves.

In short, TOPCOAT107 has proven itself to be a very durable and highly qualitative coating, free of hexavalent chrome, with corrosion resistance and wear resistance that can withstand the most extreme environments.

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