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Common reasons why the right coating for your cylinder still cracks

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Common reasons why the right coating for your cylinder still cracks

At Griekspoor Thermal Coatings, we aim for durability and quality in every coating project we take on. Our high tungsten carbide coatings offer excellent hardness, but even with these robust properties, various external factors can cause damage to a piston rod, even shortly after coating. While we cannot determine any single cause with 100% certainty, there are several common factors that can lead to coating damage. Because we closely analyze such damages, we can better understand the cause of the damage. In this post, we share some of our insights. Relatively common (external) causes:

Montage-related issues

One possible cause can occur in the pre-assembly phase. If the piston rod is placed on sharp steel supports without protection, the rod's weight can create high peak pressures that can effectively 'break' the coating even before the rod is assembled. Another potential cause may arise during assembly by carelessly sliding or moving the rod, particularly in conjunction with high surface pressure, such as using steel wheels or ball bearings.

Alignment errors

Misalignment can result in extreme surface pressures when the piston rod is forced against the side of the cylinder head during initial operation. This error can also cause damage to the cylinder head itself.

Load factors

Horizontal or lateral loading, especially when the rod's weight rests on guide bands, can lead to band wear. Prolonged loading (creep) can cause direct contact between the coating and the steel cylinder head, resulting in high surface pressures, especially during the initiation of movement.

To prevent these issues, we recommend:
- Using large support surfaces to minimize surface pressure.
- Opting for clean, soft (rubber) wheels.
- Avoiding over-determined constructions, but if unavoidable, carefully align and inspect after assembly.
- Checking concentricity.
- Using new seals and guide bands with minimal creep and maximum mechanical load capacity during cylinder overhauls.

At Griekspoor Thermal Coatings, we are prepared to assist and provide on-site advice if desired. Please feel free to contact us for further support.

Various external factors can cause damage to a piston rod

Various external factors can cause damage to a piston rod

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