Alternative for nickel chrome

TOPCOAT® 107+ an absolute top coating system consisting of a super alloy intermediate coating and a special blended carbide top coating. Both coatings are a Griekspoor, in  house development, developed in cooperation with Dutch top corrosions experts.

Free of chromium (VI)

The clever composition and the careful coating process of TOPCOAT® 107+ make sure that it is free of chromium (VI), i.e. hexavalent chrome, minimizing health risks for people and planet.

Durable coating

This Griekspoor coating is special developed to withstand extreme environments above the water as well as under water. TOPCOAT®107+ has an excellent corrosion resistance. It combines hardness of the carbides with flexibility and tenaciousness/toughness of the superalloy. This combination results in excellent wear resistance against fretting, abrasion, and cavitation.

Big advantage is that TOPCOAT®107+ can easily be repaired by spotwelding in case of damage. This guarantees  minimum down time in case of for example an accident.


  1. Coating for hydraulic piston rods in a very severe chemical- and/or marine environments.
  2. Even long thin rods with a lot of flex can be coated reliably with no risk of cracking during use;
  3. Mandrels;
  4. Very accurate rollers in the film and paper industry;
  5. Coating and/or repair of bearing and sliding surfaces.


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Used technique

HVOF spraying

HVOF spraying

When HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) spraying fuel and oxygen are ignited. The flow of gas expands through a special nozzle and reaches a speed of more than 1,500 m/s. The coating powder is injected axially in the gas flow reaching extremely high…


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