Largest ship in the world embarks on first job

For the largest ship in the world, the Pioneering Spirit, Griekspoor Thermal Coatings has pre-machined, coated with TOPCOAT® WCR+ and finished 128 locking pins. To assure their reliability high demands were set for the guiding surfaces regarding diameter tolerance, concentricity, and wear resistance. High corrosion resistance is self-evident aboard ships.

A lot of attention was also paid to the exact roughness of the surface to optimize lubriaction. Finally, Griekspoor engineered, developed and built the necessary equipment to easily assemble the pins on location.

Meanwhile the Pioneering Spirit has completed its first job in Norway. This 400 meter long and more than 100 meter wide ship is the only of its kind that can lift a drilling rig out of the water and transport it to its new location. In total the ship can carry 48,000 tonnes. Ships with comparable employment cannot lift more than 14,000 tonnes. By coating these 128 locking pins Griekspoor Thermal Coatings has contributed to this interesting and very complex project.

pioneering spirit locking pins

Finishing detail (zinc-aluminium transition from TOPCOAT®-WCR+ to base material)

pioneering spirit locking pins2

A TOPCOAT® WCR+ ccoated locking pin. The transition from coating (metal coloured) to base material has been coated with zinc-aluminium (light grey), providing cathodic corrosion protection.

Length: 830mm
Diameter: 250mm
Weight: 320kg


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