Griekspoor piston positioning system LPM® (Linear Positioning Measurement)

The Griekspoor Linear Positioning Measurement system (LPM) is composed of a combination of one special sensor and a rod with a specific profile below the coating surface. There are two magnetic strength transducers in the sensor that “look” through the coating to the underlying rod profile. When the rod moves in either direction the transducer generates an incremental block signal that is processed in a counter.

Each transducer in the sensor immediately produces a block signal. The combination of both transducer signals give a 90° shifted block-patterned signal. This signal can be processed by standard available reading units and counters, because the signal is similar to that of an incremental rotary encoder or pulse encoder.

Edge detection causes quadrupling of the signal providing direction recognition. After all, when reversing direction, the sequence of “0” and “1” changes. The level of the signal depends on the supply voltage used for the sensors. The required supply voltage has to be at least 10VDC and at most 30VDC (28VDC maximum with ATEX-version, ATEX certificate: BVS 07 ATEX E 030 II 2 G Ex ib IIB T).

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