1968 Brothers Joop Griekspoor and Aad Griekspoor found Gebr. Griekspoor bv. The company operates mainly within the field of civil engineering.

1992 Joop Griekspoor acquires the shares from his brother Aad Griekspoor.

1995 Gebr. Griekspoor bv purchases all five thermal coating technologies and sets up a new department: Thermal Coatings.

1996 Joop Griekspoor transfers all the shares to his two sons Ron and Frank.

1998 The Gebr. Griekspoor Thermal Coatings department is awarded ISO 9001 certification.

2007 Mario van Helmond acquires a 33,3% co-ownership of the Thermal Coatings department. The department becomes an independent business entity and the name is changed to Griekspoor Vlamspuittechniek bv, without the prefix “Gebr.”.

2013 The paint coating department is added to the Thermal Coatings BV company.

2016 Because of increasing internationalisation of the company its name is changed to Griekspoor Thermal Coatings bv and Griekspoor Paint Systems (Dutch language only). Paint Systems remains a department of Griekspoor Thermal Coatings bv.