Improve reliability and durability on hydraulic
cylinders in extreme conditions


Dredging solutions

Griekspoor Thermal Coatings develops, tests and applies hard coatings to provide the underlying product with optimal protection against corrosion and/or wear.

These coatings are marketed under the trade name TOPCOAT®. Our coatings are thermally applied: with the use of an energy source the coating material is applied to the product. We use plasma, HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel), and laser as an energy source.


Extremely wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, that is finished to the specified fit and roughness.

  1. Free of chromium(VI)
  2. Length up to 23 metres
  3. Diameter up to 1 metre
  4. A weight of 20 tonnes

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We do not want to limit this merely to the product, we also aim to offer a “best-value-for-money” guarantee to our customer relationship. We do this by assisting and supporting our customers where necessary, for instance with the help of our in house laboratory.


How Griekspoor Thermal Coatings optimizes your production up time


High- corrosion and wear resistance

Down time minimalization by

  • Minimum wear of seals and scrapers
  • High impact resistant
  • Reparable in case of emergency

No special sealing requirements (fit for all seal constructions)

1 coating fits all (possibility of multi-use)

Free of chromium (VI)



High corrosion- and wear resistance

Both the bond coat as the top coat are a Griekspoor developed nickel based superalloy, designed to withstand the most severe (chemical) corrosion environments. The top coat is blended with special designed carbide particles which combine hardness with the tenaciousness/toughness of the superalloy. With this coating construction we achieve an excellent combination of corrosion resistance and wear resistance (against fretting, abrasion and cavitation)


Griekspoor Thermal Coatings High corrosion and wear resistance


Down time minimalization by

1. Minimum wear of seals and scrapers.

With the possibility of tuning the roughness characteristics to an optimum for the specified seals, optimum lubrication of these seals is guaranteed. Because of the excellent wear resistant, this optimum roughness characteristic will not change during life time, which is also very important to avoid future slip/stick problems. 

2. Impact resistant

Some high-melting elements in the coating alloy provide a micro weld connection, which guarantees a high bonding strength. As stated above, the nickel based super alloy is very though. High bonding strength in combination with a tough coating is responsible for the high impact resistance.

3. Reparable in case of emergency

Uptime is key. Because of good bonding, the coating can easily be repaired by welding. Press the link/button for the instruction video. This guarantees minimum down time in case of an emergency. 


Free of chromium (VI)

The search for replacement of products with hexavalent chrome, chromium(VI), is an important current issue in today’s market. Its specific compound of alloying elements assures that our coating’s material is free of chromium(VI).


No special sealing requirements necessary (fit for all seal constructions)

The roughness characteristics can be optimized for any seal. As a result the coating does not limit the choice of the seal. 


A T20 is shown in the example after having travelled 200kms in a worst case situation. No leakage of the seal was detected and wear on the seal was reduced to a minimum, if any.


Sealing test TOPCOAT 107 Griekspoor Thermal Coatings