Salt spray testing LAB equipment

Griekspoor Thermal Coating’s dedicated lab contains a salt spray cabinet among other important equipment. In the salt spray cabinet we can perform standardized corrosion tests to assure our coating quality. The most applied test is testing conform ISO 9227.


A saline mist is sprayed at a constant temperature and rate, over a certain time, on a coated test piece to check the coating’s corrosion resistance. The test can be a neutral salt spray test (NSS) to simulate seawater conditions. The acidity of the mist can be increased (lower pH) to test the coating’s resistance to more extreme environments. Acids may be formed e.g. when a ship’s exhaust fumes come into contact with a coated piston rod in a salt water environment.


We regularly test batches of our existing coatings to make sure we deliver the same quality over time. The salt spray cabinet is also utilized when we develop a new coating, like the recently introduced Topcoat 107.


This is also one of the LAB tests we used next to the test in Singapore Sea harbour.

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