Rod revision with TOPCOAT® Ultra

The piston rod (D400, L3830) is first pre-machined and prepared for the coating process. Now the rod is coated with our TOPCOAT®Ultra and grinded according to the specified roughness.


This ceramic coating is mainly used where a very high degree of chemical resistance against strong acids or bases is required. The coating is tribologically similar to the standard TOPCOAT®. The colour is dark grey/green.

The coating consists of a plasma-sprayed nickel-chrome adhesive layer with a minimum thickness of 100μm and a chromium oxide ceramic top layer of approximately 200µm.

The areas of application are the same as those of the standard TOPCOAT® ceramic coating, with the following differences:

  1. Further improved chemical resistance
  2. Improved hardness
  3. Improved wear resistance
  4. Relatively tough coating (by adding SiO2)




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