The right pre-machining quality

Most important thing to keep in mind is that we put a coating of uniform thickness over the complete length of the rod. So, the part of the rod with the smallest diameter sets the coating thickness for the rest of the rod.

Important checkpoints

  1. Is the diameter within the prescribed tolerance over the full coating length?
  2. What is the cylindricity? Check smallest and biggest diameter over one circumference. Always mark any deviation.
  3. No dents allowed. If there are any don’t try to hide them but mark them and inform us about place and depth.
  4. Special attention for support lanes and grooves

We can correct a lot of pre-machining mistakes. Better of course is not to make them but if they are there, inform us so we are prepared.

The coming article will be about the surface quality of the rods. Which quality is important to guarantee a high quality coating and bonding. See you next week!



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