Falzspitzen coated with tungsten carbide for durability

Griekspoor Thermal Coatings has coated 22 Falzspitzen to extend their lifespan. Falzspitzen are cones in a folding machine for leaflets that wear out because of friction.


Falzspitzen are pointed cones over which freshly printed paper is folded into leaflets. The cones of approximately 12 cm have holes through them from different angles. Air is blown through the holes to ensure as little friction as possible between the paper and the Falzspitzen. The paper goes through the machine at a speed of approximately 10 meters per second and as a result the Falzspitzen wear out.


Of course Griekspoor Thermal Coatings has a solution to this problem. The 22 cones are coated with a coating that consists of a high percentage of tungsten carbide.
The coating is an optimally wear-resistant layer which extends the Falzspitzen’s durability considerably.

In the first picture, the tungsten carbide is applicated. On the right picture the Falzspitzen is polished and ready to go!


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