Prepairing piston rods for the Dead Sea

4 piston rods came in varying in sizes between Ø200 to Ø220 with lengths between 8.75 to 4.77. Thermal Coatings will prepare them for a rough and intensive use on a ship that will sail the Dead Sea.
The high concentration of salt makes the climate of the Dead Sea very corrosive. Thermal Coatings therefore applies TOPCOAT 107+. 

Typical applications are:
1. Hard chrome or nickel/chromium replacement for hydraulic piston rods. Especially long thin rods with a lot of flex can be coated reliably with no risk of cracking during use;
2. Mandrels;
3. Very accurate rollers in the film and paper industry;
4. Coating and/or repair of bearing and sliding surfaces.


please note: the ship has been added to illustrate the application


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