Our specialization; long and thin piston rods

Griekspoor Thermal Coatings is pleased to carry out their specialization in the coating of very long and thin piston rods. In this case for a foreign gouvernement!


The piston rod is used to control the water flow to generate power, in a hydro power plant. It is the last one in a series of three and has a diameter of Ø210mm and a length of 20,32 meters. Coating length is 18,66 meters.


Advise application TOPCOAT®+

We grind and polish the piston rod. The coating we use is TOPCOAT+. This coating is similar to TOPCOAT® ceramics, however the plasa sprayed nickel-chrome based adhesive layer is replaced by an HVOF sprayed nickel based superalloy (TOPCOAT® 177). As a result the corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and therefore the operational reliability are improved. Typical applications are the same as those of TOPCOAT® applications:

  1. Hydraulic parts, e.g. piston rods
  2. Plungers
  3. Components in the automotive industry
  4. Wear resistant sealing surfaces
  5. Wear resistant sleeve bearing surface
  6. Replacement and recoating of Ceramax


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