In the laboratory at Griekspoor several devices can be found that are needed to test and improve existing coatings as well as develop new coatings. Griekspoor can test coatings according to a range of standards, e.g. NBD 10300 (corrosion resistance and corrosion speed), DNV (NOV-required characteristics), and ISO 9227 (salt spray test, acidic salt spray test).

Newly developed coatings are tested on all required characteristics and the results are provided in the data sheet on the coating’s product page. If a coating does not meet the specified demands it is not released for production. Griekspoor wants to make sure all its coatings can withstand the severest of conditions so that there is no wrong choice in Topcoat coatings, only ‘good’ and ‘better’.

If a specific requirement is not mentioned in the data sheet Griekspoor can do additional testing. Coatings not applied by Griekspoor can also be tested to ascertain whether the coating is fit for the application it will be used for.




Griekspoor can perform the following tests on coatings:

  • ECP (passive corrosion test)
  • EPQ (active corrosion test)
  • impact
  • wear resistance
  • neutral salt spray
  • acidic salt spray
  • hardness (HV)
  • porosity
  • bendability
  • adhesion to base material


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